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For every special occasion!

Create your own holidays, emotions and moments together with your special guests!
Catering plates are suitable for breakfast, lunch at the office, business meeting and coffee breaks.



We present you some of our offers!



With tuna and iceberg

With tuna, corn, mayonnaise and iceberg

With olive paste and dried tomatoes

With pork fillet, emmental and butter

With chicken roll, emmental and butter

With venison fillet and olive with pepper

With Cheddar and pineapple cheese

With sausage and pickles

With smoked salmon and cream cheese

With mozzarella and cherries

Mini sandwiches

With pork fillet, yellow cheese and cream cheese
With chicken roll, cheddar and butter
With Italian salami and mozzarella
With Italian salami, ungaarese and emmental



With caviar, cream cheese and black bread

With brie cheese and grapes

With cheddar cheese and pineapple

With cheddar cheese and apple

With herbal cheese and herbal sprinkles

With sausage and cucumber

With venison fillet

With pork fillet

With cream cheese and smoked salmon

With mozzarella and cherry tomatoes


Mini gingerbreads, glued with rosehip jam and dipped in chocolate

Cheesecake with petit fours with Belgian chocolate

Mini cookies with oatmeal, raisins, walnuts and chocolate

Mini nuts

French Macarons - different flavours

Mini cupcakes with cream of different flavors

Mini chocolate muffins with walnuts

Планет Фууд Макарон 2.jpg


Rolls with yellow cheese

Kish Loren (with leeks and pork fillet) 

Salty vegetarian pie (With zucchini, carrots, cream, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan)

Spinach pie with cheese

Italian snacks

Custom Cakes

Festive cakes to order for your special occasions! 
The sky is the limit for our pastry chefs!

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